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LA Kings Take on Offseason: Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Toffoli

It’s been a summer filled with LA Kings’ weddings.

After proposing last summer, Tyler Toffoli and Cat Belanger finally tied the knot just a couple weeks ago!

Tweet from @catbtoffoli: June 30, 2018 💙

But what was it like getting everything ready for the wedding during the NHL season? How much was Tyler able to help his fiancée? And how does it feel to be married?

Tyler provided us with some answers to these hard-hitting questions that we are all dying to know.

Their wedding planning began last May when Tyler popped the question one weekend at a private beach in Malibu.

“I think she was suprised, but at the same time once we got to the beach, she might have expected it,” said Tyler.

Once the planning started, Tyler joked that things were quickly taken out of his hands.

“Cat did most of the work and didn’t really need much of my help,” Tyler said. “Plus, Cat’s friend Kasey went to Hawaii with her during season to do all the finishing touches.”

Pro Tip: Friends are key during crazy times like wedding planning.

While Tyler didn’t have too many jobs to do, he did have one very important task.

“I had to pick the cake flavor and I absolutely nailed the decision!” 

We are so proud that your cupcake love translated into a good wedding cake flavor, but we just dying to know what cake flavor you picked, Tyler!

Tyler and Cat, along with their closest friends and family, got to Hawaii a couple days before the wedding, so they planned something to do each day leading up to the wedding.

But what does it feel like after you’re finally married?

“It does not feel any different now that we are married,” Tyler said with a smirk.

While it may not feel any different, Tyler explains that “the best thing about marriage is looking back at how much fun we had and everybody at the wedding had enjoying the experience along with us.”

What’s next for the newly formed Toffoli family?

Since the wedding is over, now they are going to start working on thier house.

Wishing the Tyler and Cat the best in their new marriage!

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