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Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Kings hope Jonathan Quick can save their season

Dead last in the league, 4-6 in their last 10 games, the Los Angeles Kings have struggled a lot for the first quarter of the season. Jonathan Quick will look to change that.

After suffering a torn meniscus in his knee back in October, the Los Angeles Kings have activated goaltender Jonathan Quick off injured reserve. The Kings have been struggling all season, especially in the scoring department.

They only have six players with 10+ points and they have none with more than 15. Fun ice times fact, defenseman Drew Doughty averages more ice time than goaltender Peter Budaj, and Anze Kopitar – who is a center – averages more ice time than all the defensemen (except for Doughty obviously).

The Kings thought that firing head coach John Stevens and replacing him with Willie Desjardins would solve their problems, but they are 4-6-0 ever since he got hired. Three of those losses the Kings let at least five goals in their own net. Not only is this team incapable of scoring, but their goaltenders have also been streaking and injury-ridden.

The return of Quick to this team will be a welcome sight. His start to the season wasn’t great, (.845 save percentage, 4.55 GAA) but the Kings need him back in Vezina-candidate-form if they want a shot of reaching the postseason.

At the end of the day, his return may boost the Kings up a little, but their problems run deeper than an injury. This team is not built for the modern-day NHL and their performance is proving that. This team can’t score, they have no speed, and all their blemishes are exposed when they play everyone else. A closed-door meeting didn’t fix anything, a coaching change has made no impact, and Quick returning will most likely result with nothing new.

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The Kings are by far the oldest team in the NHL, with their average age being 30 years old. The Minnesota Wild and Pittsburgh Penguins are tied for second at 29 years old, but they have young pieces they can retool their team around. This strategy has been the Penguins’ bread and butter for the past 5+ years and it’s the reason why they are a constant playoff and Stanley Cup threat. If the Kings don’t learn their lesson and learn it quickly, their problems will only get worse.

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